The boss Patoshi leads us to Satoshi Nakamoto?

Every person who has found interest in the world of cryptomonies has, at least once, wondered who is or are behind Satoshi Nakamoto. However, now the mystery may be solved sooner than we think with the Pattern of Patoshi.

All this began with the investigations of a man named Sergio Demian Lerner. Lerner became known thanks to his discovery of the so-called „Patoshi pattern“.

Can Satoshi Nakamoto manipulate Bitcoin?
In the process, he discovered that Satoshi Nakamoto probably used a single computer to extract approximately 1.1 million Bitcoin (BTC).

What is the Patoshi pattern, and why is it relevant?

This story began in 2013, when Lerner first talked about some privacy flaws in the original Bitcoin code, which allowed him to uncover some Satoshi mining patterns.

The crux of the pattern stems from the fact that Satoshi Nakamoto’s mining code increased the ExtraNonce field differently than the default Bitcoin code.

With all of this, it’s almost as if Nakamoto had marked his BTCs and thus left a pattern, which is what we know as „Patoshi“. Others say that this was a way for Satoshi’s team to delimit their part of the wealth. Some speculate that Satoshi optimized his equipment or code, allowing them to mine faster than anyone else.

Determining the origin of the Patoshi pattern may take us a long way in searching for Nakamoto’s identity.

What were the new findings?

From this point on many experts have speculated about what really originated the „Patoshi“, and even in 2020 this is still happening. One of the most interesting theories indicated that the pattern originated because Satoshi Nakamoto was using about 50 machines for mining.

Whether it’s true or not, the truth is that every day we are closer to confirming it according to Lerner. That’s why, after his years of research, he has come up with a possible explanation for this pattern.

According to Lerner, it is possible that Satoshi was using a multiprocessor PC for mining. To avoid redundancy, Satoshi would limit each thread to a different, non-overlapping nonce space.

This is important to remember that, during Bitcoin mining, a nonce increases with each failed attempt to solve a hash puzzle. Thus, it is possible that the mystery pattern was not created by choice, but as a side effect of Satoshi’s unique mining configuration.

Lerner agreed with this conclusion, potentially allowing us to put an end to speculation about this theory once and for all. Even if this were really the case, we should know that speculation will continue to appear until the day we finally know who is behind Satoshi Nakamoto.