Our Mission
Machu Picchu

A major challenge facing contemporary society, one that becomes more acute from day to day, is the intermingling of diverse religions and cultural traditions both across international borders between civilizations and nations and within the boundaries of individual countries, many of which until now had been dominated by a single homogeneous culture. In a world in which the acceptance of pluralism and inclusivity is vital to human survival, mutual tolerance, understanding, and ultimately appreciation among members of different religions and cultures is therefore critical to peaceful co-existence both within nations and globally.

The Foundation for Traditional Studies seeks to contribute toward the achievement of such understanding not through dilution of religious or cultural traditions until one arrives at a pale common denominator, but rather through preserving and strengthening the traditions which have been transmitted through the ages and which have so much to teach contemporary society.

Through its programs the Foundation seeks to make known the principles and philosophies at the heart of various traditions and to provide access in a variety of ways to their religious practices, arts, sciences, and social structures. It also seeks to create better understanding of traditional ecology in the context of the modern world view and to provide a forum wherein traditional and modern modes of thought and perception can engage in dialogue with each other in a productive, creative manner.

Furthermore, the Foundation strives to preserve and make available in a contemporary language the extremely rich treasury of traditional wisdom and thought and to apply these millennial traditional teachings to the contemporary situation. To this end we are active in the fields of publishing, the performing arts, and sponsorship and organization of international conferences.

Board of Directors

Seyyed Hossein Nasr

Huston Smith

James Cutsinger

Sachiko Murata

Osman Bakar

Executive Director
Katherine O'Brien

Founded in 1984, the Foundation for Traditional Studies is a not-for-profit 501 (C)(3) organization incorporated in California. Dedicated board members and advisors in the United States and abroad explore opportunities to pursue the Foundation's goals and implement strategies for achieving them.